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Over time, a automotive’s air-con system will start be much less and fewer efficient, till the day while you flip the knob and all it spits at you as you roast in the summertime warmth are tepid, heat gusts. You’ll be able to repair this, however having your A/C recharged usually runs just a few hundred bucks, and the do-it-yourself cans have unhealthy reputations from years of dodgy components.


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If you happen to just like the classics and your automotive is pre-1994, you are confronted with the even greater invoice of changing your system from the out-of-favor R12 Freon refrigerant to the present widespread customary R134a, and which means hours of pricy store labor to changeover a bunch of little rubber seals.

Naturally, folks have tried to determine shortcuts to save cash throughout this course of. Beneath are just a few of the questions and myths on everybody’s thoughts when confronted with a hefty recharging invoice or heftier conversion invoice, and most are unhealthy information for the pockets.

How a lot refrigerant leakage is regular?

An A/C system isn’t hermetic, says Ward Atkinson, an air-con skilled with the Society of Automotive Engineers. It may be practically hermetic, however refrigerant is all the time making an attempt to push its manner out and float away into the air. Refrigerant is a liquid when pressurized inside your automotive’s A/C system, nevertheless it leaks out as a colorless fuel. You will not see it or hear it when it occurs.

R134a programs do not leak as a lot because the previous programs did again within the R12 days, however the SAE says the common mannequin 12 months 2017 automotive leaks 0.41 ounces of refrigerant per 12 months. It is a large enchancment from 2001, when the European Union estimated the vehicles constructed that 12 months leaked a mean of two.36 ounces per 12 months.

Will it harm to maintain working an A/C system that blows heat air?

Sure. By the point you discover the system is blowing heat, it is already misplaced lots of refrigerant. Extra importantly, refrigerant is blended with a lubricating oil, wanted to maintain the A/C compressor working easily, you are seemingly working the system too dry, which may ultimately burn out the compressor by ravenous it of lubrication. Most refrigerants combine in an ultraviolet-sensitive dye, so whereas the refrigerant evaporates away, the oil/dye combination leaks into the engine bay and leaves a traceable stain. Waving an ultraviolet gentle close to the A/C strains will present the place the leak is.

Will refitting my R12 system to make use of R134a refrigerant make it much less efficient?

Noticeably. That is probably the most correct reply we may give you with out figuring out your automotive’s specific cooling system, as a result of they will differ loads. R12 programs weren’t designed for something however R12, so in the event you’re changing one to R134a, then you need to put in about 25 p.c much less refrigerant to account for R134a’s greater working stress. R134a is a extra environment friendly refrigerant pound for pound, says Griffiths, a Porsche air-con specialist, however you’ll be able to’t put as a lot in your automotive’s A/C system as you might R12, so the top result’s diminished cooling energy.

Is it true that you just while you get your A/C system recharged, you might be getting used refrigerant that was sucked out of the previous automotive?

Yep, however there’s nothing flawed with it. Outlets will run the outgoing refrigerant by a restoration machine that scrubs it of contaminants like grime, and it really works simply as nicely after it is clear. It does not go bitter or lose effectiveness with age the best way break fluid or coolant does.

“There’s nonetheless loads of virgin R12 round”

So though you might be paying for 22 fluid ounces of “new” R134a, a portion of that might simply be your previous refrigerant cleaned up and resold again to you, another automotive’s previous refrigerant. However you would not know the distinction or expertise any draw back in the event you did not learn about it.

Do they nonetheless make treasured, icy-cold R12 Freon?

Manufacture was banned in most nations between 1996 and 2010, together with within the U.S., however that does not imply it is gone. You can purchase it, however the federal Clear Air Act says you need to be an authorized technician. In observe, you could find it on the market by gearheads who hoard it. However then, in the event you’re an newbie opening up the A/C system to recharge it, you are releasing no matter’s left of the previous refrigerant into the air, and that makes you the sort of jackass Captain Planet warned us about.

Additionally, folks lie about what’s within the can. They may say it is R12, however who actually is aware of. Any first rate A/C store will be capable to purchase legit R12 for you and recharge your system the suitable manner. “There’s nonetheless loads of virgin R12 round,” says Candido “Sweet” Figueroa, of Miami’s Auto A/C World. “It is rather costly, and we solely apply it to vehicles which are going to be judged.” Anticipate to spend at the very least $200-300 for a few cans and labor, though that is a whole lot of {dollars} cheaper than changing to less-effective R134a.

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Is it true these refill-it-yourself cans that say they’re R12a or an R134a substitute are literally a cruddy previous combine containing butane and propane?

Flammable hydrocarbons equivalent to butane and propane are unlawful for retrofitting into air-con programs as a result of the EPA frowns on immolation. Manufacturers equivalent to Sizzling Shot and Freeze 12 have their very own formulation that do not embrace butane or propane, however Figueroa is not a fan of any DIY cans. They typically have stop-leak blended in with them, sometimes an additive of metallic filings or pellets that react to moisture and oxygen to gum up a leak in an A/C system. However the additive reacts with moisture wherever within the system and never simply because the leak level, so it could clog up an entire system. “Do not use it,” says Atkinson, as DIY cans additionally do not embrace any gear to keep away from venting refrigerant into the air.

Will your A/C system go kaput in the event you do not drain out all of the previous refrigerant first?

It might. R12 and R134a function at completely different pressures, so mixing an excessive amount of of them creates a system working at a bizarre stress. Additionally, R12’s mixed-in lubricant is mineral oil, and R134a’s is an artificial polyalkylene glycol (PAG) oil, they usually do not play nicely collectively if mixed. Any store price your cash will vacuum out all of the previous R12 earlier than changing the system and filling it with R134a.

Do you really want to exchange the condenser and compressor while you convert an older automotive to R134a?

Generally. Sure vehicles’ condensers, if made for R12, do not have the capability wanted to scale back high-side stress when R134a is put in, says Atkinson. Normally, your previous condenser will work high quality with R134a. Your A/C store can let you know if it will not. You do have to exchange all of the seals within the compressor, although. PAG oil can fail system seals and hoses designed for R12’s mineral oil, in order that’s the place most of your labor prices come from on a conversion to R134a.


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Can you actually use laptop keyboard duster (R152a) to run your A/C system for reasonable?

In principletill it blows up and also you’re penciling in eyebrows over your face. R-152a is an especially flammable hydrocarbon fuel, simply as propane is a hydrocarbon. Atkinson has a set of pictures of dashboard fires from individuals who’ve recharged their non-R152a programs with R-152a, and he says as a result of the blower is pushing air out the dashboard vents when issues gentle up, the flames are inclined to get blown again on the passengers. OEMs are already trying to find an R-134a substitute, and R-152a is one they’re experimenting with, nevertheless it’s not a good suggestion on your previous R-12 or R-134a system.

In spite of everything, air-con is pointless if it units you on fireplace, as a result of then you definately’re hotter than ever.

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