Automobile air con WARNING – It may include dangerous micro organism that may make you ailing


Roger Griggs, communications director, Kwik Match commented: “The analysis exhibits some dangerous micro organism discovered within the air con techniques which is being circulated round driver’s automobiles.

“Many people depart our air con off all through the winter months and switch again on when the climate warms up with out contemplating the cleanliness of the air con filters.

“Over time micro organism, mould and fungi can construct up on a automobiles’ air con unit which might both be odourless or create a foul odour when switched on.

“If motorists depart the micro organism in place it could possibly trigger illness and respiratory issues because it will get blown into the cabin of the automobile and inhaled by passengers.

“We suggest that every one motorists have their air con debugged at the least as soon as each two years to decontaminate the system and kill the micro organism inside.”

Microorganism – Associations with microorganism

Bacillus Licheniformis – Chook feathers, soil and infections related to central venous catheters

Bacillus Subtilis – Gastrointestinal tract of people and a few mammals, typically non-pathogenic however has precipitated septicaemia in a affected person with leukaemia

Bacillus – Frequent environmental micro organism which has hyperlinks with a variety of infections together with meningitis, abscesses and septicaemia

Pasteurella Pneumotropica – Present in animals however might infect people due to an animal chew or scratch

Bacillus Pumilus – Usually non-pathogenic however has precipitated pores and skin infections

Brevundimonas Vesicularis – A serious drawback for immune-compromised people. Has precipitated bacteraemia, cutaneous infections, meningitis, peritonitis and septic arthritis

Enterococcus Faecium – Gastrointestinal tract of people and animals, however will also be pathogenic and linked with ailments akin to meningitis, endocarditis and VRE

Aerococcus Viridans – Urinary tract infections, bacteremia, septic arthritis, and infectious endocarditis

Empedobacter brevis – Hardly ever causes illness however has been implicated in immune-compromised people

Elizabethkingia meningoseptica -Frequent environmental micro organism often current on fish and frogs. It’s an opportunistic pathogen that may trigger meningitis in immunocompromised individuals


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