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How thick or long can a man’s penis satisfy a woman? Know what the doctor says?

* There is a growing craze in men to lengthen or thicken the penis, the doctor says there is no benefit

* Does a woman prefer men with long or thick penis? Know what the famous doctor says?

* Does a long or thick penis have any sexual benefits? Know what the famous doctor says?

* Does this doctor have long lines of men to make his penis longer or thicker? Is there any benefit?

* How thick or long penis is satisfactory in a woman’s vagina? Learn from the doctor

Uday Ranjan / Ahmedabad: Sex in general is a taboo subject in today’s society. About which no one freely avoids talking to me. This causes many problems in the society. In some cases women have to suffer while in some cases men. Here are some excerpts from a conversation with a doctor who specializes in sex on an important topic today ….

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Does the working male want to make the penis longer or thicker?

Husbands and wives have been living together for the longest time during Corona’s lockdown, but nowadays three to four men come to Ahmedabad’s sexologist Dr. Paras Shah every day to get their penis lengthened or thickened. In the practice of sexologist Docnitar, it has been found that such a mentality develops after watching a male blue film. Dr. Paras Shah says that when you go to the theater with your wife to watch an action film and the hero in the action film does a fight stunt. Is the same fight stunt that a man does when he comes home? In other words, Dr. Paras Shah says that men compare themselves or their gender with the porn actors in the Blue film. Which is why this mentality is happening, so a man should not compare himself with a porn actor.

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Can a man’s penis be longer or thicker?

Answering this, Dr. Paras Shah said that in the medical field, there is no medicine to increase or thicken the penis. There is no oil, no pump, there are two ways to make the penis lubricate or thicken the first way is the operation of the penis which is completed in one day. Which costs about one lakh. In which the penis can be lengthened. Another way is fat injection which also requires a day in the hospital. In which fat injection is a problem for a 6 month old man when the thickness is increasing.

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What is the cost of penis enlargement?

However, Dr. Paras Shah flatly refuses to perform such an operation. In his opinion, there is no need to perform an operation to thicken or soften the penis. If we operate on a man’s nose to make it longer or thicker, can he get more scent or oxygen? At that time, it costs about one lakh to get sex. There is only one belief that making the penis longer or thicker makes a woman happier.

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What should a man’s sex look like for sexual satisfaction?

According to a senior sexologist doctor, there is no benefit in enlarging the penis in sexual life. While in doctor’s practice we have found that a man’s penis is normal, only a man’s penis of 2 inches or more can give a woman good satisfaction. It doesn’t matter how often you have sex. It is not important how much you eat but how much you can digest.

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What is a woman’s vagina?

Misconceptions between gender length and thickness are found in every class of educated or uneducated people in the society. Senior sexologist Dr. According to Paras Shah, a woman’s vagina is a place where menstruation occurs during menstruation and intercourse during sex. At the time of childbirth, the child is also born from here. A woman’s vagina is like an elastic rubber band, if you put a finger on it, it will be as wide as the penis during intercourse and as wide as the baby’s head during childbirth. Thus the thickness or length of a man’s penis is not more important for a woman’s sexual satisfaction



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